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Dr. Wilson Osaro Iyokho, PhD Message from the President

With great pleasure, I would like to welcome you to Uhunmwode International Organization website. Founded in 2003  by  Uhunmwode indigenes living  in New York City that had the vision to engage in philanthropic mission to help the needing in the least developed parts of Uhunmwode local government area of Edo State, Nigeria, many good philanthropic developments have occurred in Uhunmwode area of Edo state with the financial as well as  human support from good wishers like you since it was founded. Least to say, computers have been donated and installed in secondary schools, books have been donated to both elementary and secondary schools, hospital equipment has been donated to health centers throughout the region as well as first Aid kits which have been donated to all primary schools in Uhunmwode area and many other donated items to the people of Uhunmwode region in Edo State. That being said, members and I, so much appreciated the wonderful financial supports we have been getting so far allowing Uhunmwode International to engage in so many projects to enhance the welfare and health of Uhunmwode people in Edo State, Nigeria. I want to say thank you very much and your financial support will continue to enable us to do great things and improving peoples’ lives in Uhunmwode locality.  Please, donate or make a pledge to the organization through the address indicated on this website.  Remember, your donation is always tax deductible. God bless you all.


Our history


We are the people of Uhunmwode either by birth or marriage hereby decide to come together to form an Organization for the purpose of economic, social and cultural development of Uhunmwode Local Government Area. Uhunmwode Local Government Area is in North East of Edo State, Nigeria. Membership is open to indigenes all over the world who can trace their ancestors to Uhunmwode either by birth or marriage. Donations for the development will be acceptable from the general public.  

Our mission

The primary objective of the Organization is the economic, social and cultural development of Uhunmwode Local Government Area of Edo State, Nigeria. To encourage active participation in lawful activities that will enhance the economic and social well being of Uhunmwode people. Also, providing essential services for the children of Edo speaking people living in the United States of America.

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